Thoughts about books... when I get around to it.

The Undead in My Bed - Molly Harper, Jessica Sims, Katie MacAlister

I like the second story, Undead Sublet, best because it's amusing as all get out and there's very little of the "you said this but I assumed and never clarified" angst that seems to be a prerequisite for many stories. Shades of Gray was a nice peek into MacAlister's Dark Ones world, but Out With A Fang was too much of the angst again. Also, I don't understand how a shifter can become a vampire, retain their shifting abilities and gain the vampiric ones. I've yet to read any other version of the lore that pushes this. Confusing to say the least.

Holiday in Death - J.D. Robb

Even though I remembered who the ultimate perpetrator was I still enjoyed re-reading the book. The main suspects relationship was tough for me to understand, and their defense of it seemed forced by the author, but all in all a good read.

The Good, the Bad, and the Undead - Kim Harrison

While this one wasn't as much of a push through read as book one, I still didn't flow into it easily. I'm starting to think that short stories are the authors best medium. Too many conflicting/overlapping/annoying threads to the story and one really irritating loose end. What the hell happened to the professor? I'll try book three just to see if that question is answered, but I'm losing faith that a full novel is worth it.

Vengeance in Death  - J.D. Robb

Not a bad little re-read. It's been long enough that I had forgotten details that made the story interesting. So even knowing who the bad is, it still took me a while to recognize which character they were because I didn't remember names. 

Ceremony in Death

Ceremony in Death  - J.D. Robb

Another re-read for me. The Booklikes-opoly game got me restarted on the series so I kept going. Fortunately, my most recent roll was during my read of this and I landed on the square that counted for a city setting containing a subway. New York definitely fits. That being said, I have to admit this is one of the weaker Robb books. Throughout the whole read I kept having a line from the series premier of Castle running through my head. "Angry Wiccans out for blood? Only the hard core groupies read that one." This book is fairly forgettable and I only re-read because I like to take series in order whenever possible.

Adding to the money

So I continued to devour books for myself and the game.


Space 35: Naked in Death, 307 pg, Main character is police detective. Another re-read for me, it's been a couple years since I took this one down off the shelf. I still enjoy the story even though I already know who the killer is. It was interesting to see what details of the character relationships I had forgotten were in this book. There is no Peabody or her man, Nadine is a stranger and Morris doesn't have a name or part. I've gotten used to all these people being interwoven in Eve Dallas' life, so seeing her without them was a treat.


Makeup book: Glory in Death, 296 pg, probably miscalculated somewhere during the big shakeup.


Space 9: Dead Witch Walking, 416 pg, Fantasy genre. I have to agree with the many reviewers who complained about the slow pacing of the book. I have read short story's and I think a novelette set in this world, so I knew I liked the author and her characters. I did have to push myself to get through this, but was mostly satisfied in the end. It was a bit hard to swallow that the main character kept lucking into not getting killed. I would think that after three or four attempts, including one splatterball attack, she would know better than to blithely work in her garden and think herself safe. All told, a fair platform to base a series. We'll see how the next book goes.


Free Book Friday: At Grave's End, 342 pg, because it's the next in the series. I was really impressed by the portrayals of people devastated by the loss of a loved one. So many books just say "Her heart was broken and she didn't feel like going on". Adding in the physical description to the emotional made it feel more real. No, I wasn't crying a bit, I just got something in my eye, I swear.


Space 16-rolled doubles: Dragon Bound, 312 pg, published in 2011. Simple, fun, enjoyable. I like Harrison and her Wyr world, enough to pull this for a re-read. I haven't read this one in years so it was a treat to see how many characters for later books are introduced in this one, but not in a shallow way. There is actual social interactions, rather than just conversations that advance the plot. Everyone watching Pia throw around her bodyguards even though they're twice her size is definitely something I can picture happening in real life. 


Space 23-second roll: Rapture in Death, 249 pg, character cries. Actually, more than one character cries in this book. The tertiary character when he finds his husband dead, the family of one of the other victims, and Mavis bawls when Dallas arrests her music partner. The introduction of Morris was smooth and simple, the expansion of Eve's relationship with Peabody is amusing, and watching Roarke become friends with Mavis, Feeney and others for himself, not just because they're Eve's friends, is satisfying. Too many relationships have the my friends before us, your friends before us, our friends made after we got together. 


So adding these ones in I believe my bank is now 164$. Yes, I read a lot. 

Reworked Player Bank

And, since I missed that reviews were required, here's my updated player bank.


Space 3: skipped


Space 8: The Reliquary, 480 pg. Mystery Genre. Having never read the first in the Pendergast series, I quite enjoyed this one. The characters were good and the storyline easy to follow.


Space 13: The Trumpening, 164 pg. Book about politician. Written completely as a satire I found that I didn't care much for this. It felt like the author was trying to write like Douglas Adams and falling far short.


Space 21: skipped


Space 28: Cabinet of Curiousities, 629 pg. Thriller genre. Rereading this one I found myself enjoying it as much as I had the first time, since characters like D'Agosta made more sense now. Enjoyable storytelling.


Space 33: Doctor Who Rain of Terror. 144 pg. Sci-Fi genre. Not the best book I've read. The Doctor didn't quite feel like what I new from having watched the series and the story seemed rather basic. I like that many Doctor Who stories/episodes have a real twist, and this one seemed to be lacking it.


Space 5: Doctor Who Terrible Lizards, 166 pg. STEM main character. This book is a much better entry into the Whoniverse. The characters seemed consistent with previous portrayals and the story was enjoyable and engrossing.


Space 13: skipped


Space 16: Still Life with Crows, 564 pg. Set in Kansas. Another entry into the Pendergast series, I enjoyed this one as well. The characters were fleshed out well and Pendergast himself took on even more complexity. 


Space 22: A Matter of Time, 268 pg. Time travel. This one was a bit of a slog but not horrible. I've read better by Glen Cook, especially is Black Company series. 


Space 30: Brimstone, 726 pg. Suspense genre/over 555 pgs. Not the most memorable of the Pendergast series. It wasn't as gripping as the others but I still like Pendergast and D'Agosta.


Space 35: Dance of Death, 582 pg. Police detective/genre. Not a bad entry, although it stretched credibility a bit to see how many wheels within wheels that Diogenes has set up. I have never met with anyone even remotely able to plan that detailed and far ahead.


Space 6: Storm Front, DNF 100 pg. W European setting. This would have been a re-read but I couldn't get into it again.


Space 12: BL space roll: 2 day timeout


Space: Jail Visit. Forgot donation, bad me. Donating 240 pgs from Inferno, read 5/28/17. Enjoyed the rework of Dante's book done by Niven. Much more enjoyable than Ringworld.


Space 23: Wheel of Darkness, 492 pg. Character cries. Re-read of the book. Still enjoyable but makes much more sense after having read Dance of Death.


Space 28: Til Death Do Us Part, 408 pg. Victorian Era. Not as coherent as most of Quick's books. Felt like the twist at the end was thrown in during the last minute, because I didn't even catch subtle clues to it. Usually if there is one it makes much more sense.


Space 34: Dragon Rider, 523 pg. YA/Child on cover. This one was a real push to read and I felt like going DNF a couple times. The characters are not well fleshed out, very two dimensional. The story had far too many "Oh they need something to continue the journey, I just happen to have that something right here". Not much effort to the quest. Will not be re-reading this one.


Space Start: no books, sad me.


Space 6: skipped


Space 8: Fever Dream, 540 pg. Mystery genre. Another in the Pendergast series, this one starts the Helen sub-trilogy. The unraveling of secrets was well done, and the characters consistent with previous books. I enjoyed the reading and observing a normally collect and controlled man lose it when dealing with something so close to his heart.


Space 16: Razzle Dazzle Unicorn, 176 pg. Ends in a 6. Third book in the series and still funny. I enjoy the interplay between the two main characters, and also with the supporting cast. More than one laugh out loud spot.


Space 21: Immortal Nights, 346 pg. Water on cover. Another installment in the Argeneau series, this one was not anywhere near as enjoyable as the others. The two main characters having sex every day they're stranded and trying to make their way to civilization? Not happening. An Enforcer doesn't know to have blood lined up or be prepared to get some for a turning? Not happening. This could have been written as a short and still convey the same story.


Space 27: Halfway to the Grave, 358 pg. Tree on cover. Having read standalone books set in the same world, where these characters are incidental players, I already knew I liked her writing and storytelling. Seeing Cat change her mind about vampires seemed a bit forced at times, as did her romance with Bones. Still enjoyable.


Space 32: Go to jail. The Only Good Dalek, 128 pg, The Dalek Project, 128 pg, and Two Graves 100 pg out of 578 pg. Paid and out.


Space 27: Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears, 408 pg. Tree on cover. Anthology of short stories. Many well known authors, many not so memorable shorts. Not the best collection in the series, but readable.


Space 36: Doctor Who the Placebo Effect, 134 pg, DNF. Space image. The lecture on religion in the middle of the story killed this for me, but even before that the suspense was lacking, the viewpoints confusing and the plot unengaging.


Space 5: skipped


Space 14: Death on Tour, 325 pg. Overseas travel. Another re-read, I still enjoyed it. The writing is easy and engaging. The characters understandable. Knowing the outcome I was able to pick up even more clues scattered along.


Free Book Friday Digging Up the Dirt, 296 pg.


Space 22: Doctor Who Dark Horizon, 307 pg. Time Travel. Vikings, aliens, The Doctor. All in all a good story. Characterization was consistent, motives understandable. Not a bad addition to the Whoniverse.


Space 27 The Beast Master, 124 pg. Author initials in "Tarzan". The characters were the basis for the movie, the book is nothing like it. I enjoyed the book as much as I like the movie. The main character's actions and motivations are easy to identify with. I was a little distracted with the obvious references to the European takeover of the Americas, described in the book by settlers in conflict with natives on alien planet. The secondary plot line of the main character's revenge vendetta was weak, but since it's not integral to advancing the plot, it is easily bypassed.


If my calculations are correct, my bank should be at 124$, including any multipliers and such. Since my most recent roll lands me on space 35, I think I'm going to read From a Buick 8 by Stephen King. Or Joyland by same. Or one of the In Death series by J.D. Robb. Decisions, decisions.

Player Bank

I have been remiss in logging my Booklikes-opoly pages, since I don't get online as often as others. I also don't blog that much, so trying to match the format being used was difficult. I decided that since I log my books by date for my reading challenge, of which I am unfortunately 117 books behind, that I could use that to track my bank. So I'm listing the ones I have read so far and how much I'm got banked. My rolls are:


Space 3- skipped

Space 8-The Reliquary 480pgs/25$

Space 13-The Trumpening 164pgs/27$

Space 21- skipped

Space 28- Doctor Who Terrible Lizards 166pgs/29$

Space 33- Doctor Who Rain of Terror 144pgs/31$

Space 5- The Cabinet of Curiousities 629pgs/36$

Space 13- skipped

Space 16- Still Life with Crows 564pgs/41$

Space 22- A Matter of Time 268pgs/44$

Space 30- Brimstone 726pgs/49$

Space 35- Dance of Death 582pgs/54$

Space 6- Storm Front DNF 100pgs/55$

Space 12- Dice roll/2 day timeout

Jail visit

Space 23- Wheel of Darkness 492pgs/60$


Since I'm sure I still won't be noting my books on a daily basis, I will obviously be repeating this type of post sometime in the future.