Player Bank

I have been remiss in logging my Booklikes-opoly pages, since I don't get online as often as others. I also don't blog that much, so trying to match the format being used was difficult. I decided that since I log my books by date for my reading challenge, of which I am unfortunately 117 books behind, that I could use that to track my bank. So I'm listing the ones I have read so far and how much I'm got banked. My rolls are:


Space 3- skipped

Space 8-The Reliquary 480pgs/25$

Space 13-The Trumpening 164pgs/27$

Space 21- skipped

Space 28- Doctor Who Terrible Lizards 166pgs/29$

Space 33- Doctor Who Rain of Terror 144pgs/31$

Space 5- The Cabinet of Curiousities 629pgs/36$

Space 13- skipped

Space 16- Still Life with Crows 564pgs/41$

Space 22- A Matter of Time 268pgs/44$

Space 30- Brimstone 726pgs/49$

Space 35- Dance of Death 582pgs/54$

Space 6- Storm Front DNF 100pgs/55$

Space 12- Dice roll/2 day timeout

Jail visit

Space 23- Wheel of Darkness 492pgs/60$


Since I'm sure I still won't be noting my books on a daily basis, I will obviously be repeating this type of post sometime in the future.