Adding to the money

So I continued to devour books for myself and the game.


Space 35: Naked in Death, 307 pg, Main character is police detective. Another re-read for me, it's been a couple years since I took this one down off the shelf. I still enjoy the story even though I already know who the killer is. It was interesting to see what details of the character relationships I had forgotten were in this book. There is no Peabody or her man, Nadine is a stranger and Morris doesn't have a name or part. I've gotten used to all these people being interwoven in Eve Dallas' life, so seeing her without them was a treat.


Makeup book: Glory in Death, 296 pg, probably miscalculated somewhere during the big shakeup.


Space 9: Dead Witch Walking, 416 pg, Fantasy genre. I have to agree with the many reviewers who complained about the slow pacing of the book. I have read short story's and I think a novelette set in this world, so I knew I liked the author and her characters. I did have to push myself to get through this, but was mostly satisfied in the end. It was a bit hard to swallow that the main character kept lucking into not getting killed. I would think that after three or four attempts, including one splatterball attack, she would know better than to blithely work in her garden and think herself safe. All told, a fair platform to base a series. We'll see how the next book goes.


Free Book Friday: At Grave's End, 342 pg, because it's the next in the series. I was really impressed by the portrayals of people devastated by the loss of a loved one. So many books just say "Her heart was broken and she didn't feel like going on". Adding in the physical description to the emotional made it feel more real. No, I wasn't crying a bit, I just got something in my eye, I swear.


Space 16-rolled doubles: Dragon Bound, 312 pg, published in 2011. Simple, fun, enjoyable. I like Harrison and her Wyr world, enough to pull this for a re-read. I haven't read this one in years so it was a treat to see how many characters for later books are introduced in this one, but not in a shallow way. There is actual social interactions, rather than just conversations that advance the plot. Everyone watching Pia throw around her bodyguards even though they're twice her size is definitely something I can picture happening in real life. 


Space 23-second roll: Rapture in Death, 249 pg, character cries. Actually, more than one character cries in this book. The tertiary character when he finds his husband dead, the family of one of the other victims, and Mavis bawls when Dallas arrests her music partner. The introduction of Morris was smooth and simple, the expansion of Eve's relationship with Peabody is amusing, and watching Roarke become friends with Mavis, Feeney and others for himself, not just because they're Eve's friends, is satisfying. Too many relationships have the my friends before us, your friends before us, our friends made after we got together. 


So adding these ones in I believe my bank is now 164$. Yes, I read a lot.