Just to keep track

Let's see, I left off with Space 35- Rapture in Death. So...


Next up is Space 29: Ceremony in Death, Main character is police detective, 310 pg.


Space 2: Vengeance in Death, Use of a gun/someone's shot, 357 pg.


Free Book Friday- The Good, the Bad and the Undead, 453 pg.


Space 12: BookLikes space- rolled doubles for 2: give money, second roll was 6: read anything for next task/move.


Space 18 (2nd landing): The Undead in My Bed, free choice from previous roll, 408 pg


Free 4th of July Roll- Space 22 (2nd landing): Doctor Who 12 Doctors 12 Stories, time travel, 535 pg.


Space 29 (2nd landing): Conspiracy in Death, city has a subway, 372 pg, should finish on 7/6/17.