So, on the 13th I finished my book and rolled again. Go to Jail! Dang. Okay, so I read Loyalty in Death, 358 pages, out of jail. Whew. Free book Friday on the 14th. Choose Destined for an Early Grave by Jeanine Frost. Roll on the 15th, space 25. Historical mystery...hmmm. Ok, let's do A Free Man of Color by Barbara Hambly. Third times the charm on that one, I actually finished it. Roll on the 17th, space 35 second landing, whoo hoo. Main character a police detective? Easy, I'm still rereading the In Death series so we're going for Witness In Death. Finished Frost last night, Robb this morning. Next roll nets me a 2 in double ones. Start space, free choice. Second roll nets me a 6, space six Western European setting or winter scene on cover. Gonna need to think about that one... let's go peruse the bookcase of TBRs. I'll be back to tell my choices later.