And for my final book...

Dracula - Bram Stoker

I haven't finished reading it yet, so a mid-book review for the game. I have never read the original Dracula before, despite all the offshoots, reworks, short stories and movies I've run across. I am enjoying the fact the the movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula, with Gary Oldman, follows the books so closely, albeit with the addition of the romance between Dracula and Mina that the book doesn't have. The movie is actually helping me keep track of the book, because even with my extensive reading of British writers, there are some accents in this book I almost can't understand. I like that the men in the story don't totally blow Mina off when she contributes to the group, but the effusive declarations of love and loyalty and friendship and devotion are a little gag inducing. We'll see how I feel when I get to the end of the book.


8/2/17- Finished the book, not impressed. Go watch the movie. Got really fed up with the "Include Mina, don't include Mina, include Mina, don't include Mina". Make up your damn mind already. Unfortunately, the speechifying didn't improve as the story went. By the end I was skimming Van Helsing's page and a half monologues because they were so pedantic. Bleh. I'm also disappointed that Stoker made no attempt to add dimension to Dracula's character. It's possible to do this even if there is no POV from Dracula directly. Something beyond the one dimensional evil being out for conquest only. I guess the only thing I found redeeming about this book is that it helped spawn a whole subgenre of literature, vampire fiction, which helped spawn urban paranormal, paranormal, alternate history paranormal, etc. etc.