Definitely a junior novel.

Wonder Woman: The Junior Novel - Steve Korte

I will say this first so there is no confusion. Wonder Woman is my top superhero, well beyond any other. One of my daughters keeps telling me I have enough Wonder Woman related items. I keep telling her there's no such thing.


With this in mind, of course I went to see the movie on opening day. Paid a pretty penny, sprung for the deluxe recliner seatings in the 3D theater. Treats, candy, soda and much money later, all four of us were psyched by the film. While it wasn't fully accurate to the current comics depiction of Wonder Woman (no flying) it was faithful to the core image of her. 


In comparison, this is a novelization of the movie, done for "juniors". I think they mean tweens. More than little kids, less than full YA. As such, it is a fairly good interpretation. Lighter on the details than the movie, left a few things out that tween aren't supposed to be reading about apparently (Diana discovers intimacy), and ends earlier in the story than the movie. There isn't any actual mention of specific people dying although grenades are thrown, arrows shot, cannons boom and swords stab. Kinda a cozy mystery level of adventure. No actual blood and guts. It also leaves off the final scenes of the movie, where Diana confronts Ares. For those who haven't seen it, that's all I'll give for spoilers. Really, you need to watch it.


All in all, a good conversion and faithful to the movie it's pulled from.