Another Bingo pre-read

Red Hot Fury - Kasey MacKenzie

To get myself reacquainted with this world before I read the actual Bingo book. I first picked this up because the main character is a Fury named Riss, something rarely used as a race in urban paranormal and almost never outside of a Greek setting. This Fury, however, lives and works in Boston as a police investigator in a world where supernaturals are already revealed. She's in charge of all arcane related cases, which leads her to a dead body that isn't who it appears to be.


One of the best things about this work is the way the arcanes (to use the book's appellation) are drawn from everywhere and how they are named. An Oracle is a healer/prophet. Bastai are shifters that become felines, while Warhounds become canines. Giants and half-Giants are large, strong and intelligent while a Phoenix makes the perfect suicide bomber, Harpies are Furies that have lost control and gone insane, etc.


While there is some sex thrown in it's not in every other chapter like a some urban fantasies. The story focuses on Riss tracking down the people who try to kill her every chance they get and find out what they're hiding. If you were to take out the personal relationship Riss and Scott, the other main character, the story would still hold together quit well, because no major plot points rest on it, which is refreshing. 


Now I remember why I've kept this all these years.