Rolling along

So, my start space choice is First Drop of Crimson by Frost, space 6 goes to Agents of Light and Darkness by Simon R Green. Roll again. Space 11 goes to Fever Season by Hambly and Free Book Friday is Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Frost. After finishing Hambly it's off to space 18, third landing. Woot woot. That one gets to be This Side of the Grave by Frost. Next up is space 21 on a double two roll. Second roll lands me on Parking, where an even roll sends me to space 5, another second landing. I'm planning on space 5 being Snow Crash and space 21 is most likely Anno Dracula, but I'm not 100% certain yet.


Since I'm leaving on vacation I decided to buy some roll aheads, so three dollars later I have spaces 13, 23 on a second landing, and 28. I know there's one more Free Book Friday so all told I have six books to finish before midnight on the 31st. Let's see how I do.