And for my second book of the day

Fudge Cupcake Murder - Joanne Fluke

We have another cozy mystery. This series tickles me because my grandmother lives in Eden Valley and other family in the surrounding area. Even though Lake Eden is fictional, the actual area of Minnesota is one I'd visit for holidays and summers as a kid. I actually was just there last week for a family reunion so it was fun to pick this series back up, as I'd drifted off a couple years ago. The conversations sound so much like what I hear when I'm visiting that it really enhances the book for me. I love how there are multiple things Hannah has to juggle, but I really think her partner is just being used as a convenient reason for Hannah to not be in her store. Some times she's making deliveries or doing events and that's understandable. The rest of the time? "Would you do my job and yours while I go play detective?" Not endearing. I've never tried any of the recipes, because I suck at cooking and my baking is nearly as bad, but many of them sound tasty, so kudos for the extras.