Similar cat, different heroine

The Whole Cat and Caboodle: Second Chance Cat Mystery - Sofie Ryan

The first thing I noticed about this book? It's in a totally different state than her Magical Cats mystery series. I love that. So many authors get stuck writing in the same general location over and over. Stephen King is the first that comes to mind, since the majority of his works are set in Maine. It adds continuity to the overall body of work for an author, if they intend to interweave different stories. It's repetitious for those authors that don't. It's a big world, people. Spread out.

That being said, I also enjoy that while there are definite similarities, each series is unique enough that it's easy to tell the apart. Here you have a rescue cat who's intelligent but not magical. Everything he does falls within the parameters of most people's reality. The heroine is in a place that she spent her childhood in, rather than a mostly foreign area. In this one there is a very large group of core people who interact and have distinct personalities and histories with each other. The only ones that kinda blended were Rosa and Charlotte. Hopefully that's corrected as this goes on.