Magic Undying (Dragon's Gift: The Seeker Book 1) - Linsey Hall

I started reading this because it was free from Amazon Prime. I was only a little way in and already thinking, "Great, another book where the heroine loses all her brains because the hero it a hottie". Multiple lines talking about how gorgeous he is and how much she's attracted to him did nothing to dispel this. Then I read, "So he liked good music. I didn't want to like that about him, but I did. Of course. Because I was an idiot easily swayed by my hormones." And with that, the whole book flips. I started noticing that she actually talked to people rather than trying to do everything herself in a misguided notion of protecting friends. I saw that people acknowledged and relied on her abilities and she was neither surprised or embarrassed by this. I saw that it wasn't just sexual tension that drives the story or the interaction between the main characters. The plot wasn't complex and the writing was not Tolkien level intensity, but the story was good and the characters engaging. The one thing I had a major issue with was that interspersed in the book were references to the past that made me feel like I was reading the second book in a series and was missing the background of the first book. That was rather jolting but hopefully the episodes are explained more fully in the following books and with a more natural transition during the story.