Industrial Magic - Kelley Armstrong

Actually, a pre-read for Halloween Bingo to bring me back into the world of one of my books. It's been a while since I read this so had to refresh myself before going on to the next. One of the things I like about Armstrong is her ability to create well rounded characters, most especially the women. In fact, thinking on the Bechdel Test I realize that it would pass with flying colors. There are more than two named female characters who hold significant conversations that do no revolve around personal relationships/men. Looking closer at the characters, I also noticed that the more two dimensional characters seem to be the men. Lucas is a good example. He trusts Paige and loves her and supports her, from a mostly "got your back" position. There isn't any development of his responses or feelings to the action of the book, especially to the changing status of the relationship with his father and Paige's beginning relationship with the same person. He seems to be there more as a sounding board or resource center than an active partner, despite what descriptions are used. 


In spite of some flatness of secondary male characters, the story itself is quite good. Revolving around a case where teenage children of Cabal (supernatural Mafia) children are being killed, it develops the action quite well, reads easily and is very engaging. Since not every character has to have huge dimensions, the relative flatness doesn't detract much from the story. Don't read this if you're looking for a romance. Read this if you want a good adventure story with an amazing female protagonist.