Yes, I truly read three books in a 24 hour period...

Blackhearted Betrayal - Kasey MacKenzie

So sue me. I like to read, a lot. This story is much better crafted than the previous book and confirms to me that Green-Eyed Envy was mostly a bridge between books one and three. The events of that books are barely referenced in this one, which doesn't detract from the story at all. 


I enjoyed how she built even further on the worlds and mythologies used in book one. Riss seems to be much better at piecing things together also, so that lifted the book also. The solutions to various situations are creative but not beyond the realm of possibility within the framework. The only deus ex machina comes from actual gods, and even then they need a helping hand because immortal doesn't mean omnipotent or all powerful in this world.


The ending does wrap things fairly neatly while leaving enough openings for the author to add more books to the world if desired. Babies to watch grow, pregnant Harpies, and body-snatched Fury and god that need to be returned, a mortal who's suddenly a quarter divine, a Warhound who spends every other week in the Egyptian underworld. Yup, plenty of openings.