Every so often a writer falls on their face

Haunted - Kelley Armstrong

Which is exactly what happened here. Eve Levine is a ghost. A ghost of a black witch with half-demon heritage. A ghost who in life said to hell with rules, I'm going to do what I want and take what I want and accomplish what I want by any means necessary. Kristof is the ghost of a sorcerer that had a very similar attitude. At least before he died. 


Now they're both dead, hanging together in the ghost world, pretty much sliding into the suburban middle class stereotype. Eve's only adventures is trying to find a way to interact with her living daughter. Kristof is a middle age lawyer with a belly. Bleh. Enter the Fates.


Eve made them a promise in a previous book and now they want her to track down this demi-demon who's causing havoc in the living world. Great! Time to brush off those ol' badass skills and kick some booty, right? Wrong! Kristof doesn't push to be allowed to help Eve even though their daughter is involved. And Eve follows the rules that are set for her. She may find creative ways to use those rules, but she never breaks them. What the hell happened to the people who others feared while living? Now they are impotent ghost laughingstocks.


To add insult to injury, then ending of the book sucks. Eve ends up getting exactly what she didn't want and the Fates give her a "Persephone solution" as a consolation prize. Despite the fact that she fulfilled her promise three times over. Talk about a cop-out.


Not one of Armstrong's better books.