Ummm, no?

Betrayal in Death - J.D. Robb

I like JD Robb. I don't like Nora Roberts. This book reads more Roberts than Robb, which just brings it down for me. One of the things I enjoy about Eve Dallas is how much her inability to innately comprehend things most people consider given, like why people use makeup or why someone would chose to live in the country with animals, affects people around her. Her straightforward view points out things that most people haven't considered.


" 'How the hell did she walk around in that?' Eve wondered. 'Looks like it weighs a ton.' He had to laugh. It was so Eve to see the inconvenience rather than the glamour." Things like this amuse me to no end. But since the book was uncommonly light on things like this, I was not amused.


After having some major upheavals this year, many involving my children, I need that levity in the books to keep them from cutting too close to the bone. I had trouble with this book because there wasn't enough escape for me. I'm re-reading it this time through and this is one of the books that I remembered all the twists to once I read the first few pages. I persevered because I prefer to read a series in order, but I really didn't get any enjoyment out of it.


Personal issues aside, the book itself seems rather bland compared to some others in the series. Eve's frustrations, Roarke's anger and grief, Peabody and McNab's jealousy all seemed rather two dimensional. I remember reading this through the first time and being fascinated with the steps taken to track down the murderer and the angles that I wouldn't have thought to follow. It's a very good thing I'm not a cop, cause I'd suck at it. Apparently that fascination was the redeeming feature of the book for me, and it's missing on a second read through.


If you're a fan of Robb I'd say read the book. It's not as bad as Ceremony in Death, not as good as Origin in Death. Really only good for a once through unless you HAVE to reread in series order.